Follow up – What´s next?


If you still feel inspired and intrigued by the inputs and sharing around the online summit and want to contribute efficiently to facilitating the global transition, our international Education Program “Social Architect” may support you as it aims at:

Building evolutionary competencies to easily navigate complex human ecosystems!

Based on four years ´s experience running the training in German-speaking countries the Social Architect program aims at making you familiar with integral and evolutionary concepts and at showing you different ways how to integrate them into your actions.

 Our Purpose is to empowering you to contribute with your unique gifts to the global transition.

You will develop many of the skills and competencies which the online speakers highly recommended as pre-requisites for transformative social innovation.

You'll explore and experience
  • Cutting-edge evolutionary and integral models and methods (Spiral Dynamics integral, Conscious Evolution, Evolutionary Co-Leadership, Spiritual Intelligence, Multi-Stakeholders collaboration, Wheel of co-creation, Vistar circles)
  • A broader understanding of leadership
  • One´s singular higher purpose and contribution in the global context
  • … and more
You'll build these competences
  • Keeping high level of cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual awareness
  • Being authentic and reflexive, stress resilient
  • Creating and holding spaces for collaboration and co-creation
  • Navigating confidently between multiple value systems and bringing synergy into diversity
  • …  and more
You'll develop these skills
  • Design precise strategies that value and take into account the respective living conditions of the ecosystems and their current values systems
  • Able to distinguish between personal and trans-personal entities (Ego and Higher Selves)
  • Act from a level of high complexity and work with models that meet the requirements of the next level of social evolution
  • … and more

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